Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pink Caravan sheds light on the existence of breast cancer in UAE men

DUBAI, 20th October, 2013 (WAM) -- Breast cancer in men is a stark reality, as was seen after the annual Pink Caravan awareness campaign's result analysis, which revealed that one 48-year-old Emirati man was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer.
The man, who has not been named, was one of thousands of patients who received free screening and checkups during the annual pan-U.A.E. trek. A lump which had gone unchecked for more than six years was found in his chest and he was urgently referred for an ultrasound.
A number of tests including mammogram, biopsy and needle aspiration were consequently conducted, and he was advised to undergo surgery for a mastectomy.
Continuing its drive to educate the public about the various facets of breast cancer, Pink Caravan, the nationwide breast cancer awareness campaign, is drawing attention to an often-overlooked segment of breast cancer sufferers - men.
Speaking about the issue of breast cancer in men, Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, Secretary-General for Friends of Cancer Patients charitable society, FoCP, and Head of the Pink Caravan Medical and Awareness committee, said, "There is a common misconception that breast cancer is solely a female matter, and even though the majority of breast cancer patients are women, male breast cancer is very real, a fact that was underscored by the identification of a man with breast cancer during this year's Pink Caravan Ride." Through their nationwide campaign, Pink Caravan aims to make every member of the community aware of the realities surrounding breast cancer, irrespective of their nationality, age, or gender, with the ultimate goal of ridding the U.A.E. entirely of the disease.
"In the three years since the first Pink Caravan Ride began, we have conducted a total of over 21,794 breast cancer screenings, out of which 5,484 were for men. We hope to see the number of men coming forward to be tested continue to increase. We strongly urge all men to be screened if they have any suspicions of a lump or tumour - it is a step of courage that can potentially save their lives," Dr. Al Madhi added.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Living with breast cancer: share your stories | Comment is free |

Living with breast cancer: share your stories | Comment is free |

Living with breast cancer: share your stories

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US. If you've had the disease before or are living with it today, we want to hear from youEmail

Breast cancer screening
Share a story, a lesson or a piece of advice below. Photograph: Alix/Phanie/Rex Features
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US, and several women have shared their experiences with the disease on the Guardian. Xeni Jardindescribed the “overwhelming learning curve” she faced after being diagnosed, and the solace she found in the online community. Emma Keller was “shocked” at the incredible, and highly varied, cost of treatment. Now we want to hear from you. 
Tell us: what are the personal experiences that get lost in the noise of breast cancer awareness month?
If you've had breast cancer before, or are living with it today, share a personal experience or something you learned about the disease that you were not expecting
Found solace in a surprising place? Discovered a way to make mastectomy drains bearable? Had more difficulty adjusting to the process of getting implants than you expected? What about numbness, phantom pain or itching? How did you get through chemotherapy or radiation? If you had a lumpectomy, what’s it like to live with the anxiety of constant mammograms?
Share a story, a lesson or a piece of advice below. Selected responses will be featured on the Guardian.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sharjah Ladies Club Goes Pink during October 2013 - نادي الشارقة للسيدات يتألق باللون الوردي في أكتوبر 2013

Check out below all the activities and offers done through Sharjah Ladies Club facilities in support of Pink Caravan and Breast Cancer during October 2013.

To inquire further about any of the below click here or you can reach them through twitter @ShjLadiesClub 

شاهدوا أدناه كل الفعاليات والعروض المُقدمة في جميع مرافق نادي سيدات الشارقة لدعم مبادرة القافلة الوردية وسرطان الثدي خلال أكتوبر 2013
للإستفسار عن أي من العروض أدناه يمكنكم الضغط هنا أو التواصل مع النادي عبر تويتر