Sunday, February 10, 2013

Breast cancer awareness drive must be supported |

Breast cancer awareness drive must be supported |

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Breast cancer knows no boundaries, striking women of all socio-economic classes regardless of colour, creed, ethnicity, nationality or age. It is devastating to all, sparing none.
Experts say that one woman in five will get the disease. Here in the UAE, we are fortunate to live in a society where medical treatment is of the highest quality and cancer treatments are modern and as effective as they can be.
However, the key to giving women a fighting chance against breast cancer is early detection coupled with public education programmes. Self-examinations are often the first step in noticing lumps or oddities that may appear.
Mammogram programmes also work. Detailed imaging allows doctors to see problem areas, allowing them to determine a course of action should a form of the disease be present. The Pink Caravan is currently making its way around the emirates, raising the profile of the disease and spreading public awareness.
This initiative by Friends of Cancer Patients also enables many to undergo mammogram screening. This initiative deserves full support and praise, for breast cancer has no boundaries.

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