Thursday, December 20, 2012

#TPCUAE Pink caravan's horses train for the 3rd annual Pink Caravan ride

Pink Caravan's upcoming third annual, pan UAE, breast cancer awareness ride takes place in early February 2013.

The horses that are used to carry the riders, who include royalty, ambassadors and volunteers, around the UAE, are being put through their training schedules two months in advance of the ride. These horses include volunteer's own mounts, which are conditioned for the long distance ride alongside the horses from the Pink Caravan partner stable. .

The Pink Caravan Ride was started in 2009 by the Friends of Cancer Patients charity (FoCP) and was based on the idea of Cecile Guillemot.

Cecile, Chairperson of Pink Caravan said, "The horses used in the Pink Caravan ride have been selected specifically for our event, these horses compete during the UAEendurance season, (long distance horse racing) and they are typically Arabian horses or Anglo-Arabs that are genetically predisposed to this particular sport."

Cecile went on to say that, "Furthermore, our horses are conditioned to different environmental conditions, surfaces, built up urban areas, highways and busy roads, passing traffic, crowds and loud and ambient noises that would other wise "spook" or startle untrained horses. This specific training regime is started months in advance, as we strive to maintain our high health and safety standards for all of our participating horses, riders and crew."

Abdulwahid Al Jaeidi, Head of the Equine Committee says, "The horses are a national symbol of the UAE and their involvement in the ride is fundamental to helping access communities, which are further afield in the UAE than the main cities and medical centers, providing screenings and clinical examinations free of charge."

The ride aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-examination, by trekking the UAE with a mobile mammography unit and medical teams. This gives access to breast cancer screenings and clinical examinations to men and women for free during the ride. The Pink Caravan is still looking for volunteers and horse riders to participate in this equine event.

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